Hello, hej!

I'm Anton, and I'm an app and web developer in Malmö, Sweden.

I work at YouCruit where I lead the development of the app Lanefinder.

I have many years of JavaScript (TS) experience, both for web and mobile. My current focus is to transition to native fully using Swift and Kotlin.

Previously I've worked as an app and front-end developer at Min Doktor, nxtedition, Docly and Resurs Bank

I graduated the Interaction Design programme at Malmö University.

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Side projects


An iOS app for current irrigation bans in Sweden per municipality. Written in Swift, backend using Cloudflare Workers.


SQL Syntax Higlighter for Go

A VSCode plugin for syntax highlighting raw SQL string literals in Go. Similar syntax to what the Apollo GraphQL plugin uses.

Add extension to VSCode


Quick Tunnel

A macOS app to forward your localhost server to the world using Cloudflare Tunnels. Written in Swift.

For now, this app is unsigned, therefore you need to: download, unzip, drag to applications, right click and open.

Download for macOS, Apple Silicon (1.0)


An iOS app to compress videos. Written in Swift.

Code Slash


A toy JavaScript framework for modifying the DOM.

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