Hi, I'm Anton Nyman.

I'm a javascript developer from Malmö, Sweden with a background in UX design.

I work for Docly (Min Doktor) where we create accessible digital healthcare. Previously I've worked for Resurs Bank and Sony Creative Center.

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Midas, the design system for Resurs Bank

Resurs Bank’s apps and sites all look and behave differently. There were many legacy apps relying on old tech and outdated design.

There was an increasing demand for design components and teams were asking for stylesheets or wanted to know how I solved different design tasks.

I set out to help the developers get started with our design guidelines while also easing my workload by extracting the CSS from the Merchant Portal and built the most occuring components in React.

When I left Resurs Bank Midas had thirty components, forty utils and powered three sites.

The Merchant Portal

Retailers are growing their presence online and since Resurs Bank’s core business is retail finance, there was an incentive to move all future payments and transactions to one platform, regardless of it being a physical or electronic purchase.

In this very ambitious project my role as a hybrid UX designer and developer in the team was to break down the requirements into UX and front-end tasks and create all the graphical components as code.

Being able to both exploring UX tasks as well as developing front-end helped the project moving in a rapid pace with quick iterations.

Consumer loan application

The increased load of confused customers calling in and the tedious manual labor required for each application led Resurs Bank to start a project to create a fully digital application form.

My role was to create the mobile first front-end in Angular 2 for the new credit engine. I also did my best to sprinkle visual enhancements with UX best practices.

The loan form for Finland and Ellos was released March and June 2017