Hello, hej!

I'm Anton and I'm a developer and UX designer in Malmö, Sweden.

I work as a tech lead at Youcruit for our React Native based app Lanefinder.

I am experienced in React and React Native development as well as tooling and frameworks like Typescript, Webpack and Next.js.

Previously I've worked with web and app development at Min Doktor, nxtedition and Docly. Before I worked as a UX designer at Resurs Bank and UX prototyper at Sony Studio Nordic.

I graduated the Interaction Design programme at Malmö University.

Latest posts

My coffee recipes

Jan 11
Manual coffee making can be tricky and I wrote my recipes down

I captured 60 DV tapes in 2020. Here’s how I did it.

Nov 24
By scouring forum threads from 2004 I learn the most effective way of capturing DV tapes.

This site is boring

Nov 16
I'm always curious for the new and shiny. But it seems that in order for me to finally redesign my website and start blogging I had to confirm what I know and pick a boring tech stack.


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